MRE for Sale: Where to Buy Meals Ready to Eat?

If you are a beginner adventurer, you must have heard about MREs being a good replacement for frozen or dried food.

While MREs are certainly a blessing to those who are willing to test the extremes of the world, one must know where to buy them in order not to get ripped off.


So, where can you buy MREs? Here are a few ideas:

Go to a surplus store

In many locations, army surplus stores can be found. As far as purchasing MREs go, a surplus store is your best bet. So, if you have one near your house, you can visit the same if you want to purchase MREs. Almost all army surplus stores keep MRE packages. However, note that some stores may charge you as much as $10 for a single pack of MRE, and you must be ready to pay the price.

Visit a relevant event

Events like gun exhibitions, backpacker training events, and others sometimes keep MRE for sale. It is not always a guaranteed thing, but taking a chance is not a bad idea. However, note that MREs available in an event are unlikely to be genuine military MREs. Also, you may be charged very highly.

Purchase your stuff online

These days, you can find plenty of websites that put MRE for sale online. Just pick a good website and place your order. In fact, even many eBay sellers sell Meals Ready to Eat packages. Note, however, that online MREs are not military MREs, even if advertised as such. Further, bear in mind that you may have to pay for shipping in most cases. If you are the type of person who does not care about price much and wants quality stuff, then buying MREs from the reputed American manufacturer Eversafe will serve you well.

Approach someone you know

If you are hell bent on getting genuine military grade MREs, then you can consider asking a veteran friend, or relative, to help you in this regard. The thing is, many veterans do not open their MREs unless they absolutely must, due to no other kind of food being available around. They usually bring their unused MREs back home. So, if you are lucky, you may end up getting your hands on some of them. Some veterans may even be able to bring some extra packages for you.

Finding MRE for sale is not rocket science, of course. However, it is a good idea to exercise care while spending your cash.

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How to Cook and Eat MRE Meals

There are individuals who do not like to cook meals for their family especially after a long day at work. They depend on MREs (meals ready to eat) on occasions that they are too tired to try and repair dinner. 84 grab
Unsurprisingly because of the economic recession, many parents are leaving their houses in the morning to work and returning home. They leave their youngsters with other individuals so that they can give their necessities. There are times when both parents are too exhausted to alter food for their youngsters because of work related stress and overtime. There are also times when they are not able to make it to dinner time, and they only tell their youngsters to eat these type of meals whenever they need food. Obviously, they leave food in the refrigerator so that youngsters can microwave it for themselves, but this type of meal is one option that some kids are taking.

processed-ready-to-eat-mealsParents also eat these type of meals occasionally if they do not have time to get food from the groceries. All they have to do is to open a pack of MRE meal and relax in front of the television. They do like their food heated, so, they choose to bubble it or use a flameless ration heater. Usually, if civilian MRE meals are bought, the flameless ration heater is sold separately. You have to pay extra for you to be able to have one. Individuals who just want to have a quick meal heat their food by putting it in boiling water and getting it after five minutes. They do appreciate the convenience because one pack of this meal is enough to get 1/3 of their daily recommended allowance. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals.

This meal costs a bit higher compared to other meals because of the technology put into it. It has a shelf life for up to ten years. You can eat it anywhere, and you will be sure that your food is not stale. You can also eat it anywhere. It has different foods that you can grab and eat whenever you feel like it.143
Tilt the crate at a 45-degree angle, so, the water doesn’t come up short on the container and this method does help to heat the food equitably. After approximately 10 minutes, your meal should be fully heated. Just take out the entrĂ©e from the FRH and repeat the process with your side dish.

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