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During the height of the rivalry, the government made different programs to prepare its people for a nuclear holocaust. This included making bomb shelters hundreds of feet from the ground and training children to wait under the table in case of a strike.

In 1989, the tension ended and thought about the potential risk. Regrettably, after 9/11, America is dealing with a new enemy. It is no more a country that has a powerful military with the ability to get into a new country. This foe is now combating a guerilla war by carrying out terrorist assaults both here and abroad.

There has not been a significant strike on US ground from 2001. The intelligence of numerous countries has handicapped such attempts.

Can anything be done to prepare for the next globe battle? Preventing the next greatest problem is difficult yet not impossible. Thermonuclear is just one way an attack will be performed, however, the use of chemical and biological weapons is a higher risk.

Lots of people may perish yet adhering to some tips for war emergency situation preparation could ensure the person’s survival.

1. People go to the grocery store weekly to restock the food that was taken in. It wouldn’t harm to get a few extra canned items occasionally since it will certainly not spoil until it is opened up.

2. Other than food, having an enough supply of drinkable water will avoid dehydration. Plastic jars can be purchased at the supermarket if it is unsafe to go out, the people will have to get this from the faucet. It will certainly be a smart idea to add a filtration tablet and use this first making sure it is secure to drink.

3. Having an emergency treatment package is always useful to treat wounds. The person needs to check that it is full at all times since anyone can inform when this will be necessary.

4. If individuals have to evacuate, it will certainly be a smart idea to bring food, water, a few added clothes, flashlight, compass, suits, candy and an identification card. Everything needs to be crammed in a knapsack so every person could relocate quickly to the nearby evacuation facility.

5. The last suggestion for war emergency planning is to be informed of the catastrophe prepares that have been made by the federal government and the city. Some states currently have emergency strategies in place.

The suggestions discussed are not just beneficial in case of conflict however when faced with a storm, an earthquake or other all-natural catastrophes. This is because individuals who want to survive the crisis will do anything to see one more day.

Author: Christopher Green

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